Succulent Bowl Instructions

Succulent Bowl Instructions

Succulent Bowl Instructions



Selecting your plants – Gently unpack your succulents, they will be in little pots, some are rooted and some will be cuttings that will easily root in the soil once planted. Brush a little soil off each of the root balls to ensure you can bury them deep into the planter.


Prepare your soil – We have premixed your bonsai soil mix and charcoal together to ensure optimal air flow and drainage in your pot. Pour enough soil into your pot but reserve some to finish your pot after you plant your succulents.


Using your tools – we packed you a little compostable spoon and stick so you can make little holes and move your soil around when you have decided where you would like your plants to be in your pot. Decide where you would like each plant to go and arrange it in the pot.


Check your final placement – When you are comfortable with your placement, use the remaining soil to fill in any gaps around the base of your succulents ensuring all the roots are nicely covered, this will ensure they are happy and continue to grow.


Final Decorating – Gently push down with your spoon once your happy with your final placement of your plants. Then spoon your top rocks over the areas you will like. Give a light watering

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